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Commercial Contracts Drafting

Commercial Contracts Drafting

Commercial agreements are the best ways to protect your business from legal liability, flexibility, warrant, disclaims and misunderstanding between the parties. The both parties should then be required to sign it, evidencing the scope of the agreed terms, roles, responsibilities and liabilities.

Protection Through Contracts :

  1. Solutions to Employee Problems
  2. Safeguarding Trade Secrets
  3. Securing Payments
  4. Solution to issues with Vendors or Service Provider
  5. Contract with Distributors
  6. Contract with Manufacturers
  7. Contract with Channel Partners
  8. Contract with Sales Partners
  9. Controlling and Safeguarding your Franchisee Outlets through Franchisee Contracts.
  10. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  11. Tripartite Agreement
  12. Memorandum of Understanding
  13. Leave &  License Agreement
  14. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  15. Letter of Intent
  16. Confidential and Invention Assignment Agreements
  17. Web site Terms of Use Agreement
  18. Stock Purchase Agreements
  19. Contract with Investors
  20. Endorsement Contracts

Any other contracts as per industry requirements.